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Hi my name is John Josebury, I am the owner of Karmcbd oil.

At the time of me first using CBD I was 58 years old and suffering badly with arthritus in my knees and osteoarthritis in my ankle, all from my sporting days. On all 3 I had key hole surgery to clean them up and make life a bit more bareable.
It did for a while but soon came back with the pain.

I had seen a programme about CBD and how good it was for ailments. So I investigated further and found a company selling it. I purchased a bottle of oil and a small tin of ointment. Almost immediately within a week I could feel the benefits from this product. Within 1 month I had gone from struggling to getting out of my chair and getting out of my bed to actually being able to jog. I can now squat up and down with ease. I had not jogged in at least 5 yrs as the arthritis got worse. My doctors told me I would have to have replacement knees and for my ankle a Fusion. At present I am not even contemplating having either ever. I richly take the oil twice a day and the ointment I use once every week. I can not stress enough how good this has changed my life. Walking is now a pleasure for me.

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